We pride ourselves on honesty, quality work, and an outstanding finished product. We believe the best way to grow our company is to invest in satisfied customers; which, is why we have kept ourselves busy from word of mouth and referrals of our previous clients. People sometimes over look us as they’re deceived by our competitor’s low starting prices, when in reality all the things you’d really want aren’t included in that price. At Sage homes what you see is what you get. Going thru one of our homes the majority of what you see comes standard. We don’t believe in the lowest common denominator, and we don't want you to settle for anything but the best. Our standard package includes features like a full tile master shower, a reinforced driveway, soft close kitchen cabinetry, and a 95% efficient furnace, all at no additional cost to you. 


We want our homes and the products in them to last far beyond the builder warranty, and we want you to be as thrilled with your home years from now as you were the day you moved in.


We don't scour the metro for the people who can put things up the cheapest or the fastest. We only partner with people who take pride in their work,and are passionate about the product they are offering. We believe this is the key to your happiness, our success, and the lasting value of your home. 

Local. Customizable . Quality You Can Tr

With over 100 new homes sold throughout the metro, Sage Homes has quickly become one of the leading home builders in the Des Moines area. These results haven't come without extensive help behind the scenes. Our outstanding team is paired with some of the best tradesmen in the business. Together, they strive to bring satisfaction and quality to every home, and to the amazing Homeowners that we build for.