Granite + Quartz


Granite Options

Quartz Options

  • Quartz is manufactured using 95 percent ground natural quartz and 5 percent polymer resins.

  • Has the look of stone with a more customizable design choice for homeowners

  • Cleans with soap & water or household cleaner- no need for resealing

  • Nearly indestructible but can be damaged with excessive heat- always use hot pads

  • Sage Homes has Quartz options in our standard package pricing as well as upgraded options.

                    W h a t ' s   t h e   D i f f e r e n c e?



  • Granite is 100% natural. It’s mined from quarries, cut down to a manageable size, and then polished to a fine finish.

  • Granite comes in many different colors and patterns as no two granite countertops are the same

  • Cleans with soap and water or a mild household cleaner. Some oils and acids can stain so do your homework first to avoid stains - yearly resealing recommended

  • Heat resistant, damage can be done with a high impact blow

  • Sage Homes has Granite options in our standard package pricing as well as upgraded options.

caledonia granite
ashen white granite
thunderstorm granite
silver pearl granite
oyster white granite
gray star granite
ganache grantie
azul patino granite
black pearl granite
blue nile - upgrade
blizzard granite- upgrade
white isle granite - upgrade
snowfall granite- upgrade
piracema white granite- upgrade
andino white granite upgrade
artic white - quartz
Alpine quartz
carrara marmi- quartz
carrara mist - quartz
fossil gray - quartz
iced gray- quartz
iced white - quartz
manhattan gray - quartz
meridan gray - quartz
mystic gray - quartz
pearl gray - quartz
Pebble Rock - Quartz
sparkling white - quartz
peppercorn white - quartz
snow white - quartz
toasted almond - quartz
babylon gray - upgraded quartz
calacatta upgraded quartz
carrara caldia upgraded quartz
calacatta vincenza upgraded quartz
carrara grigio upgraded quartz
concerto gray upgraded quartz
gray lagoon upgraded quartz
hazelwood-quartz- upgrade
pacific salt upgraded quartz
montclair white upgraded quartz
rolling fog upgraded quartz
romano white quartz - upgrade