Sage Homes strives not only for a top notch product, but for honest and open service and communication throughout the construction of your home, as well as after you move in. Here are just a few things some of our wonderful Homeowners have had to say about us:

After buying a speck home from a different builder we were hesitant to build with anyone.  However, once we went to a few open houses and talked with Lisa and Chris,not only did we fall in love with Sage homes, but with them.  The building process was so easy and so much fun!  We actually got to "help" put together our dream home.  We love the area in which we chose to build.  We have that "out of city" feel but still in town. Our daughter has room to play and ride her bike.  We have neighbors but aren't right on top of anyone.  It felt like home immediately!  We love our home and have nothing but great things to say about Sage.

-- Jeff & Sara Askvig



From the first time we met with Chris & Lisa we knew we wanted to build with Sage Homes. The idea of building can be a bit overwhelming with all the decisions to make but Chris & Lisa made the whole process easy with their knowledge & expertise. The quality and craftsmanship that goes into their homes is second to none. We are always getting compliments. Someone was always available whenever we had questions or concerns. Without a doubt we would build with Sage again. Thank you for a beautiful home for us to raise our family in. 

- Jesse, Steph, Kason & Kodi Vander Wal


In the fall of 2014, Tracy and I were on the market for a larger home than the square footage our mid-century, starter house in Des Moines provided. We initially looked at pre-existing homes, with an eye toward early 20th century, Craftsman-style architecture. There wasn’t anything, though, in our price range that we liked. Enter Chris and Sage Homes. Chris and Tracy are long-term friends. One evening while Tracy was lamenting to Chris about not finding any houses we liked in our home search, Chris suggested we consider building with him and his newly-formed company, Sage Homes. We talked it over and decided to build the 1st Cottonwood plan. The design of the home, though new, had many of the quality features that attracted us to Craftsman homes: a showpiece fireplace, beautiful trim, hardwood floors, and attractive windows and doors throughout. We knew right away this would be a good fit for what we’d been seeking, but hadn’t yet found.

We worked closely with Chris and Lisa throughout the process. We enjoyed selecting our finishes with Lisa and were confident in Chris’ knowhow and business savvy to build a solid, attractive, and comfortable home for our family. We broke ground just before New Year’s in 2015 and by late April of 2015, we moved into our finished Cottonwood home. We were incredibly happy there and received so much positive feedback from family, friends, and neighbors. We were so happy, in fact, that this year we decided to upgrade from a 3-bed, 2-bath ranch-style home to a 2-story house with an additional bedroom and bathroom. We were so happy with the quality and integrity of our existing Sage home, we’d never consider building with anyone else.

So, this spring, we signed paperwork and started the process all over again with the Sage crew (with a greatly expanded, but always helpful and friendly staff). This time, we’re building the 1st Aspen plan and can’t wait to be the 1st family to build a second Sage Home. In the span of 3 ½ years, we’ve built not one, but two incredible Sage homes. This time, we’re planning to stick around a lot longer. If we were ever to decide to embark on this process for a 3rd go around, though, we wouldn’t consider trusting anyone other than Sage with whom to partner. Thanks, Sage!!


                                                              -Melody, Tracy, & Jay

From the moment we walked through a Sage Home and met Lisa we knew we found our builder. Lisa was so knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. The quality of work they put into their homes is top notch!! We got to custom design a Cottonwood house and Lisa and Chris made is so much fun and exciting. It can be very overwhelming with all the choices they offer, but with Lisa's expertise and experience in designing she made the whole process go so smoothly. 

Chris was always available to us with an question or concern. We didnt feel like just another customer, we felt like family. 

We wanted to place a memorial pendant in our house to remember our stillborn son by. Chris personally helped us pick the perfect spot and helped us nail the pendant to the frame of the bedroom before drywall went up. 

Thank you Sage Homes for such a beautiful house!

-Josh and April Van Maanen



Just over 3 years ago, we were eager to be one of the first clients of Sage Homes. We were in the market to build our second home and knew we wanted the right builder for the job. Eric: “Since I have been managing the Audio-Visual department at Kline Electric, I have had the experience of working on coordinating job sites with Chris. I could see his passion, quality, and great work ethic from the beginning. Prior to deciding to build our new home, I had mentioned to my wife that when we would be ready to build our next home… Chris would be our builder!” Upon our first meeting with Chris, I could tell my feelings were mutual, I knew we wanted him to build our home for our family to grow up in. We had a detailed vision and plans for our layout, as many new home-owners do. We wanted our home to be practical, yet functional for our family of 5. My favorite part of our home is our spacious open layout of our main living area, with 10-foot ceilings and hardwood throughout, it never feels crowded with ample space! Lisa was very knowledgeable and helpful during our picks meeting, she made it a lot easier for us to conclude on color choices and envision our interior design of our home. Throughout our entire building process, Chris exceeded our expectations in communication and being very compatible to work with. After conversing with many great neighbors in our development, with various builders, it is hard to take having an exceptional building experience for granted. Also, we know that not everyone could say they would definitely use their builder again in the future for their next home. 3 years later, we are still in love with our quality home and get many compliments from visitors. As I always rave my reviews to everyone I can, it was very easy to write this! Thanks again Sage Homes!


             Five Stars-      Eric & Emily Carpenter



Building with Sage Homes was a dream experience! We absolutely fell in love with their floorplans and were sold after witnessing the craftsmanship put into each and every one of their homes. Chris & Lisa listened to every custom option we wanted to incorporate into our home and allowed us to build exactly what we wanted. There was never a day we regretted our decision to build with Sage and would do it again in a heart beat!

- Mike & Chelsea

When we moved to Ankeny in 2015 one of our goals was to find a reputable home builder that could meet our high standards. Having previously built a home in South Dakota, we knew what we wanted and weren't willing to settle. From day one working with Chris & Lisa, we knew we had hit the jackpot! Their attention to detail and outstanding customer service made them an easy choice. Lisa helped guide us through all of our design needs throughout the entire project to ensure that our vision came to life. Having a construction background ourselves, we were very pleased with the craftsmanship that Chris and his team displayed. We highly recommend Sage Homes whether you are building your first home or your forever home. You will not be disappointed!

- Jeff & Laura

We absolutely love our Sage Homes. Lisa and Chris made our dream a reality and we are so thankful to have had such a wonderful experience working with them. We were so impressed by the "standards" Sage features that most builders would consider upgrades. To us it proved that Sage wasn't willing to cut corners and compromise the integrity of our home, and that they were committed to quality. Lisa was so helpful in picking out finishes, their carpenter did some amazing custom work, they were quick to respond to emails and questions, and we could not be happier with the outcome of it all. We would not hesitate to build again with Sage.

-Sean & Rachel

We have lived in our beautiful Sage Home for two years now and love it as much today as the day we moved in. We are so grateful to Chris for his vision in building us what we wanted and how we wanted it to fit our lifestyle. Sage Homes made the entire building process easy and enjoyable from day one. Sage is definitely the number one home builder in our eyes.

Everyone that visits comments on our home and our grandkids are always asking to spend the night. We've had so many people tell us how much they like our floorplan. It's just such an easy home to live in, comfortable, convenient, and aesthetic. We LOVE our home and we recommend Chris to anyone who asks.

- Vickie & Bill

We are so thankful that a dear friend recommended Sage Homes to us! We were able to tour a few of their homes before we built, and we absolutely loved their style and their standard of quality. The entire process of building with Sage Homes was seamless and well organized. We enjoyed working with both Lisa and Sam. They were very attentive to even our small requests. We love our home and have no regrets.

- Tara & Eric

We built the Cypress plan with Sage Homes and could not have had a better experience. The first meeting with Chris and Lisa is what sold us on Sage. They answered all of our questions, took us to see a house similar to the one we planned on building, and were happy to work with our budget. During the construction process, we worked closely with Lisa. She guided us on picking the finishes and happily made any changes we had. The house was done right on schedule and we have happily been in our new home for a year and still love it as much as the day we bought it. My favorite thing about Sage is the amount of effort they put into the details. From the beautiful trim to the well thought out pantry - everything is designed to make your home both beautiful and functional. We were so happy with the smooth, easy, and fun experience we had building with Sage. Thanks Chris & Lisa!


- Katie & Ben 

We purchased a Sage Home May of 2016. We are very pleased with our new home and know that it is built very well and with pride. Sage Homes has been very accommodating to our needs and helped us with design/layout ideas when finishing the basement. It is comforting to know we can contact anyone at Sage Homes and they will respond immediately.

- Chris & Heather

Last year my husband, David was transferred back to the Des Moines area with his job. We were unable to find a home that met most of our requirements and decided to build. Our realtor Janene recommended Sage Homes, saying she had heard a lot of good comments about them. We met with Chris Pickard and his mom/realtor Lisa and talked about what we would like in our home; size, style, and price. After speaking with them, we knew that Sage Homes could build the home that we wanted.

This is our 4th new build, and we know that nothing ever goes perfect, there is always something. But I will tell you this, Chris was always responsive to our concerns, fair on his prices, and always tried to make it right. Lisa Pickard and her other son Sam were both easy to work with and professional.

There were a few delays because of weather, but we ended up moving into our new home in October 2016. We have settled in and in the last year any problems needing immediate attention were fixed quickly. We feel that our home (you'll notice I said home and not house) Sage Homes built for us is quality built and beautiful. We love the finishes Lisa helped us pick out and the size of the home is perfect for us.

There is a certain integrity that my husband and I feel all home builders should have and we weren't disappointed with Sage Homes. They are honest, fair, easy to work with, and build houses you can call home. Thank you Chris, Lisa, Sam, and all the employees at Sage Homes for making the house you built for us a place to call HOME. I think anyone deciding to build in the future would be lucky to have Sage Homes as their builder.

-Deb & Dave

The first time we walked into a Sage house we knew we had found our perfect home. The right size, the right style, the right quality. Nothing else we had seen compared to the effort and detail they put into their homes. Working with Chris & Lisa was the same. They made themselves available to answer questions and offer suggestions, all while making sure we were satisfied with the results. We think you would be hard-pressed to find another Builder that puts so much heat into your home!

- Casey & Kelli

Simply put, Sage Homes built us our dream house. Being first time home builders, we were very nervous to make such a large financial and permanent structural decision. From the minute we sat down with Chris and Lisa and started discussing our build, we felt at ease and knew the help and experience they could provide would make for the perfect home. Add to that the house plans that they offered, the finishes that come standard, and their suggestions and ideas on what would make our home stand out and we knew we had found our builders. We also had a huge list of custom touches and specialty items we wanted to make our forever home complete, and the answer was always "absolutely, we can do that for you." This was very important to us. And the quality of their work? It is unmatched compared to the other houses from different builders we walked through. We were lucky enough to visit the build site almost daily and see the progression of the build and we can easily say that no shortcuts were taken. Another thing we found amazing with Sage was the fact that it was not just Chris and Lisa who were fantastic to work with, but all of their sub contractors. From the framers to the concrete crew, the trim carpenters to the painters, everyone involved in building or finishing our house was very nice, extremely professional, and great to talk with. We can not say enough about how positive that made us feel. And last, but definitely not least, the post build service has been wonderful. It has been ten months since we moved in and someone from Sage still checks on us regularly. Every single day we are reminded how happy we are that we chose Sage!

- Rob & Courtney

We had the privilege of building our Sage Homes in 2016. After lots of deliberation on our part with different lot choices and custom homes vs builders floor plans we broke ground the day after Thanksgiving. Chris and his team hit the ground running. Building during the winter could have been much more costly for us with additional frost charges and such, however Sage Homes was phenomenal in keeping us up to date with every bill that came in regarding our home and even provided a build sheet with cost expectations so we were able to track as we went along where we were on or over budget. Chris was very easy to reach with any questions, comments, or concerns we had along the way and was always very professional- he even answered all my phone calls saying "Hello, Emily". That service made me feel like a very valued client and like our concerns were a top priority.

When it came time to pick our specifics, Lisa was very patient and offered an eye and opinion that was very insightful. I had plenty of options to choose from without overwhelming you as I, personally, could build 10+ houses, with all different colors/styles and love them all. She was also wonderful in making time for me to come in a few times and double check and confirm my choices before they were installed as I waivered a time or two in my decisions. Both Chris and Lisa helped solidify our choices by taking us through various homes they had completed to show color options and layouts as you could imagine it's all very different than a swatch or a floor plan drawing.

Now that we have lived in our home for over a year, and I reflect back on the whole process I would do it again in a heartbeat if I wasn't in love with my home. It's beautiful and EXACTLY what we wanted. The craftsmanship and quality that you get in a Sage Home is something all builders should aim to accomplish.

- Emily & Josh

We told people that we were going to build a house they said we were crazy and going to hate every minute. With Chris & Lisa it was the exact opposite! They made every step of the process easy and enjoyable. They care about the quality of their work and it shows in their finished product. We get complements all the time on how beautiful our home looks. Their attention to detail puts them a step above the rest.

- Austen & Ty

My husband and I purchased the Cypress plan in spring 2015 in Ankeny. We loved it and are so impressed with Sage Homes and owner Chris Pickard. Chris was very responsive to any issue we found and even this long after the sale, still gets back to us with any questions we have. Just this spring, we had Chris and his team add a roof over our deck and made a coupel other improvements to the house. They did a great job and we couldn't be happier. If we were to build another house, we would definitely use Sage Homes.

- Dawn & Tim

We had a horrible experience building our last house and it had left us very wary of builders. I had been following the building of your homes in the area over the last few months and was genuinely impressed by the designs and the quality of the build.

I had high hopes for Sage, and you delivered. We love our new home, everything about it, and you, going out of your way for us, getting us into the home when we were struggling with the party buying ours was nothing short of amazing.

Everyone we have come into contact with that works for your company has been an absolute pleasure to work with.

Thank you for my beautiful home, thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this process, and thank you for caring about your customers as people and not just profit. I cant imagine living in anything other than a Sage Home now. Until my tiki hut on a beach when I retire, and if you want to build that as well, I am all in.

- Paul & Stacy

I knew I had to work with Sage Homes the instant I walked into their show home! I immediately fell in love with the finishes and attention to detail. Having worked with other builders previously, I could tell that Sage goes above and beyond the norm and takes great pride in providing quality work. The building process was seamless and stress free. Chris was very open to working with me to make little changes to the floorplan to ensure I was happy. With Lisa's amazing design aesthetic, all the finishes were so beautiful it was hard to believe they weren't upgrades! I have been in my house a little over a year now, and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. I was so impressed with the quality of my home, I recently asked Sage to finish my basement. Sam & Erik managed the project smoothly and completed it sooner than I expected. Everyone was very respectful of my home and the jobsite was always clean upon my arrival. It turned out better than I could imagine! More than just having a great business, they are all truly kind people who make it easy to trust  them with one of the biggest investments you will make. I would 100% have Sage build for me in the future and would highly recommend the team to anyone looking to build their dream home!

- Megan